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Pals Socks!

We could not be more proud to offer Pals Socks as the only sock brand in our shop.

We sourced Pals because of their amazing message – “Even if we don’t match, let’s be Pals!”
A simple concept with potentially revolutionary implications for little kids!

Pals Socks come paired as two different friends. If kids (future leaders of tomorrow) love the idea of having different kinds of friends, our planet will be a more friendly place to exist. Life can be a fun adventure when you are more open to new people and experiences. Pals inspires empathy, inclusivity, and an easy teachable moment about why it’s soooo fun to have a friend who isn’t just like you!


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Ollie & Iggy evolved from a love of unique baby and kid’s clothing in easy to wear colors and styles. All of our illustrated shirts are custom illustrated and the other goods are carefully picked out to bring you the cutest of the cute. If you have any questions or custom requests, please reach out!

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