Wooden Toys – Crane Truck With Magnetic Elements

Wooden Toys – Crane Truck With Magnetic Elements


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Wooden educational toy Machine Crane TM CUBIKA 14 parts The set includes a crane and colorful figures. The figures are painted in pleasant colors and have different shapes. A magnet is placed on each part. Accordingly, a magnet is also placed on the crane, with the help of which the process of lifting the blocks takes place. Game task - with the help of a crane to move the figures from one place to another. You can also use the crane to load other machines. For older children, the task should be complicated, for example: - move blocks in the shortest time; - move the figures according to the colors that adults call or even try to lift the blocks with your eyes closed, pre-remembering their location. This wooden toy develops in the kid a large number of skills and abilities, including: This game set is suitable for both girls and boys. The most optimal age for use is 2-4 years.


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